Monday, 31 August 2015

In Loving Memory of Jeremy

This was the poem that Alisha wrote for Jeremy's funeral.  On August 31st it will be 3 years since he was stillborn, and though in general it gets easier each day, nothing can take away the raw emotion whenever she thinks of him and what could have been.  He was conceived after 3 years of infertility and finally a successful round of IVF.  

Jeremy, my son,
You were my everything,
The miracle I dreamed of
My future in your being.

I couldn’t wait to meet you,
And see who you took after,
Whose eyes you had, whose height,
Whose personality and laughter.

I was going to guide you,
Teach, and watch you grow.
Play with you, and tickle you,
And teach you how to throw.

You would explore and build forts,
Take after Dad and be good at sports.
You’d be handsome, and oh so smart,
But probably not so good at art.

We’d shoot hoops ‘til dark,
Play catch and picnic in the park.
Feed the ducks, go to the zoo,
Have awesome birthday parties, just for you.

I’d make you the coolest wardrobe,
Bake you cookies and treats,
You’d be best friends with Rodrigo,
And Cleo who we’re yet to meet.

We were going to Disneyland,
We’d laugh while waiting in line.
I was going to share my world with you,
As you’re the gift that completed mine.

We built you a beautiful nursery,
Just perfect for my son,
How was I to know,
Your time would never come.

My dreams have been ripped out of me,
You took them when you left,
I’m sure you left for good reason 
And now you are at rest.

All I have is tiny handprints,
And memories in my mind
Of the dreams I’ll never fulfil,
Since you’ll never truly be mine.

My heart will always bleed
For the son I never knew
My Jeremy, my everything
Taken far too soon.


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Alisha Burns

Alisha is a 35 year old kiwi marketer living in Melbourne and mother of one angel, Jeremy, who was stillborn at 21 weeks in 2012.  Alisha loves exploring the world, impressing people with her ability to walk in 6 inch stilettos, anything Disney, experimenting in the kitchen, pretending she can sing at karaoke. One day she would love a French Bulldog to complete her menagerie if she isn't lucky enough to have children of her own.

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