Thursday, 18 August 2016

Am I A Grandma Yet? by Glenda

I wrote this poem, "Am I a Grandma Yet?" after I had been out one day and had about five people ask me "Are you a Grandma Yet? I started to dread being asked that question because it is difficult to answer without going into the whole story.  You don't want to answer no, because you do have a grandchild even though they are dead and you don't want to say yes, because then they will ask how old etc, etc. So I went home and wrote this poem to try and help me decide what I was!!

Am I a Grandma Yet?
Am I a Grandma Yet?
Sometimes I don’t know what to say
When people question me,
“Do you have any grandkids yet?”
And tell about their three

I should say ‘yes’ and skite a bit
And tell about our boy,
I should take out some pic’s to show
Him playing with his toys

I’d love to talk about his looks,
Ask if he looks like me?
I’d point out where our features matched
And hope they would agree!

I’d tell about the funny things
That are uniquely his,
The mess he makes, the way he hugs
The blessing that he is

But I don’t know what I should say
When people I just met
Ask me that thing I hate to hear
‘Are you a Grandma yet’?


My grandson should be just past one
And full of life and spunk
He should be toddling round the house
And filling it with junk

He should be wriggling on my knee
While I read him a book
He should be laughing out with glee
When helping me to cook

But nothing now disturbs the peace
It’s quiet as can be
Cause on the day that he was born
He was stillborn, you see

His lungs took in no air that day
He did not blink his eyes
His lips stayed closed, he did not move
He never even cried!

So how to answer, what to say
To people I just met
Please tell me what you think I am
Am I a Grandma yet?

©Glenda McClintock


  1. That's just beautiful. It is such a hard question and such a lovely poem from the heart. It's not just me as a mummy of an angel that suffers (and my husband) it's also the extended family from grandparents, aunts/uncles & cousins. Thank you for sharing Grandma Glenda xxx.

    1. Thank you Seleste for calling me Grandma Glenda xx

  2. Thank you Seleste for calling me Grandma Glenda xx

  3. You Most Certainly ARE a Grandma, Glenda, and I cannot tell you how thankful I am that you wrote this! As a Midwife I have been asked this question too many times; as I invariably hold the Grandma/ Nana in my arms and try to console her...I tell her as honestly and sincerely as I can that her Grandchild was born sleeping!
    How I wish I had your talent......