Thursday, 1 September 2016

Just Once by Glenda

Glenda is the grandmother to precious Kaeden who was stillborn on June 1st 2013.  She shares with us the poem she wrote about her experience.

Just once we held you in our arms
‘Twas more than we could bear
To see you lying oh so still
Our teardrops in your hair

Just once we watched the only bath
Your daddy gave to you
His tears were added to the depth
Of love he has for you!

Just once we put your nappy on
And fixed it firm in place
You did not squirm, you did not kick
It will not be replaced

Just once we dressed you in your clothes
The only ones you’ll wear
And placed you in your Mummy’s arms
So she could dry your hair

Just once she whispered in your ear
And kissed your chubby cheek
The dreams and hopes she had for you
All fallen in a heap

Just once your daddy hugged you tight
But little did we know
He held you through that long, dark night
Not wanting to let go!

Just once we watched with aching heart
Your mummy count your toes
You picked up the Jamaican part
You have your Mumm’s nose
...Definitely the Jamaican bits
You also have her lips!

We heard your newborn cry – not once
Nor saw your smiling face
No gleam of mischief in your eye
No strength to your embrace

You’ll never hear your name – not once
No tiny footsteps take
Our lives will never be the same
Without you here awake

We’ll tuck you into bed – not once
Nor listen to your prayer
Your birthdays we will celebrate
But you will not be there!

Each night your parents wake with tears
And listen for your cry
But empty silence greets their ears
And broken they ask, ‘why’


We trust our Father up above
Though you are now asleep
God comforts us with His great love
I know He cares and weeps

Forever you’ll be in our hearts
Until we meet with joy
No one will ever take your place
Kaelen – our precious baby boy!

©Glenda McClintock

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